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      Carl Llewellyn



Breakfast: 2 slices toast with low-fat spread and honey. Cup of tea or coffee.

During day: 2 bananas, bottled water.

Fish or chicken plus a baked potato and butter.

Carl Llewellyn, 35, is the toast of the racing world after winning two Grand Nationals. Being even a pound overweight can hamper his horse’s chances of winning.

“I have to stay between a bottom weight of 9st 5lb and an upper limit of 9st 8lb. So, every morning, I check it out on the bathroom scales."

Carl, who’s 5ft 7in, may look like a feather could knock him over but, he says, “I’m light yet tough. You have to give this job up after your mid-30s, because your body can’t take the falls – you average one of every 10 rides. I’ve had 20 so far this season and have broken nearly every bone in my body". (Click on Injuries to see the full extent of Carl's broken bones)

"Carbohydrates keep my strength up, that’s why I eat bananas. Sometimes I’ll have a little salad at lunchtime if it’s laid on at the track. Some jockeys drink to make up for eating so little – Champagne’s the favourite, but I stick to the bottled water".

“Jockeys who let themselves go during the summer break put on stones. I never add more than 5lb, which is easy to lose. Luckily, I’m not interested in food, although I do let myself go on Saturday nights. There’s no racing the next day, so that’s when we all go out for a big meal – Chinese is my favourite. I’ll have a drink then – lager or wine, with a good whisky to finish off. Now that’s something I do enjoy.”